You may be asking, 'why did she create this Spiritual Portal?  I want to share with you my reason for creating it.

All my life I searched for God.  I believed that a creator gave me a brain so I can think and ask questions.

At Churches that I visited, after the Service I spoke to the Minister. Always asking the same questions.

Why do people grow old and die?
Why do people get sick and suffer?
Why does God allow wars and hatred?
What is the purpose in life?

In my last semester of High School, I received answers to these questions.  I studied the Bible, and grew in understanding.

It is not my intention to instruct or teach on this site.

What my intent is...to express to you what is in my heart.

My videos, set to music, created a visual for me to express how I perceive the answers to the questions I yearned to have answers to.

I love my God, Jehovah and the beauties of creation I appreciate.

I have a hope for the future and a purpose in my life.

I really care about people and I know that you too may be searching for the answers to questions.
                        Take Care,
copyright© 2009 Barbara Joan Gushin All Rights Reserved.
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